14 Black Owned Restaurants You Have to Try in New Orleans

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Backatown Coffe Parlour is a locally black owned coffee boutique in the heart of Storyville owned by Jessica and Alonzo Knox. They got their name because they aren’t quite uptown, not exactly Downtown, but just you know – Backatown! Backatown Coffe Parlor helps revitalize Basin Street and is within walking distance to St Louis Cemetery No 1. Backatown is the perfect place to grab a coffee or pastry or sit down for a light lunch..

— Mallory Lindsly

14 Black-owned Businesses to Visit in New Orleans — From Jazz Clubs to Creole Restaurants

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Backatown Coffee Parlour is named for its location; It's in a neighborhood formerly known as Backatown, the Black "vice" district of the jazz era. The cafe is part of a revitalization of the historic Basin Street where Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong used to play. Sit outside and tuck into a piece of crawfish quiche or a sweet potato scone with your cafe au lait.

— Travel Leisure

5 Best Cafes in New Orleans, LA

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Backatown Coffee Parlour embodies the aura of time within its walls. The shop strives to represent an authentic gathering space that cultivates its neighborhood. They are a locally-owned coffee boutique designed to reflect the unique personality and charm of the locals. In addition, they bring a unique charm with excellent food offerings and customer service. Furthermore, they serve an assortment of light fare meals for families and loved ones to enjoy.

— Ian Mcnulty

Backatown Coffee Parlour, community space hard pressed by pandemic, rebounds with food

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You’ve had barbecue shrimp six ways to Sunday. How about barbecue crawfish? Served over grits, buttery, boldly spicy, just a little bit sweet, the rib-sticking dish is a signature flavor at Backatown Coffee Parlour.

nola Backatown Coffee Parlour
— Jeanie Burford

Support Black-Owned Coffee Shops

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What'sEven if you’re used—and loyal—to a particular coffee chain, it can be nice to expand your horizons and try a local, independent coffee shop. And while you’re at it, why not make it a Black-owned business? If you’re looking for a new place to grab a coffee or tea in your area (or know where to go when you eventually travel again), here’s a few of the many Black-owned coffee shops across the country. What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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— Elizabeth Yuko

72 Hours in New Orleans

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New Orleans - The Big Easy as its popularly described is a city worth taking a trip to!! The music, history, food, and fun makes it a city worth being on your bucket list! Enjoy a relaxed evening with a cup of coffee at the Backatown Coffee Parlour. Since its opening in November of 2017, Backatown has been part of the reawakening of Basin Street. It’s a couple of blocks down from the Sanger Theater and is a great place for a quick bite.

a cup of coffee at the Backatown Coffee Parlour
— Gazal Malhotra

Explore 5 top inexpensive cafes in New Orleans

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Wondering where to find the best cafes near you? Hoodline crunched the numbers to find the best affordable cafes in New Orleans, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture when cravings strike.

the best affordable cafes in New Orleans
— Danielle M.

Best Pies in New Orleans

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Although their popularity increases as fall rolls around, pies rightfully deserve their place at the table throughout the year. Lending themselves well to all kinds of fillings from stone fruits, nuts, and ice cream to citrus, squash, and chocolate, pies are here to prove that versatility is the name of their game. So, if you’re looking to expand your pie knowledge, here are 18 restaurants, bakeries, and vendors that are serving little slices of New Orleans heaven.

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— Emily Smith

How To Spend 3 days in Black-Owned New Orleans

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You’re almost there! You’ve taken the first step—deciding to take a trip to New Orleans and experience its colorful cultural ambiance, excellent restaurants, and nowhere-else-but-here traditions that make New Orleans one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Get ready to immerse in the sea of creativity, romance, drama, and fun! If you’re traveling to New Orleans, it’s probably to partake in the city’s rich, diverse culture. If you’re looking to support some black-owned businesses while you’re in town, here’s how you can do so.

take a trip to New Orleans
— Stephanie Ogbogu

Some of the best coffeehouses and cafés to
admire in New Orleans

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Because New Orleans has unique architecture, we can only expect that trend to spill over to its coffeeshops. While we’ll leave the review of the actual coffee and treats to our sister site Eater, we’ve found some spaces that boast exceptional design both in and out of the shop.

the review of the actual coffee and treats
— Eric Craig

Backatown is a Modern Boost in a Historical but
Changing Neighborhood

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Flanked by one of the last remaining buildings of the Iberville Housing project is a glistening hidden gem; Backatown Coffee Parlour. This isn’t your average coffee shop in any sense of the word. The high ceilings, light fixtures, furniture - in fact, every inch of the community space - has been thought out.

Backatown Coffee Parlour coffee shop
— Mary Staes

15 Black Owned Coffee Shops Every Traveler Should Visit

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There’s no escaping the need for a cup of perfectly brewed coffee when the mood strikes, but you shouldn’t have to rely on Starbucks to curb your caffeine craving. When nothing but a cold brew, espresso, or latte will do, these are the black-owned coffee shops you should visit in Philly, Iceland, Atlanta, and beyond!is item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Black Owned Coffee Shops
— Shontel Horne

GoNOLA Find: Backatown Coffee

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Café Au Lait, chicory, and iced coffee. New Orleans is known for its rich and addicting caffeinated drinks. Nestled along Basin Street in the heart of Old Storyville is Backatown Coffee Parlour – a locally-owned boutique coffee shop that offers them up alongside much more. Everything from its off-the-beaten path locale, its globally-inspired decor and ambiance, and its hand-crafted menu, are working toward one shared purpose: to change the narrative of what a coffee shop is.

Street in the heart of Old Storyville is Backatown Coffee Parlour
— Mariah Hickman

How to Spend A day in Black-owned New Orleans

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There are few cities in the United States that celebrate the contributions of its black residents as much as New Orleans, Louisiana. One of the most famous cities in the world, it is the music, art, flavors, history, and soul that make New Orleans what it is today, and much of what makes the city great comes directly from the black people that call the Crescent City home. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to this beloved city, we’ll tell you how to go a full day in New Orleans by supporting black-owned restaurants, shops, museums, and much more.

How to Spend A day in Black-owned New Orleans
— Shontel Horne

New Orleans' 15 Most Essential Coffee Shops

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Backatown serves up beans from one of the country's only black-owned coffee roaster, Bean Fruit in Pearl Mississippi, and has opened up in the city's colorful and historic former Storyville. It's near St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 on the grounds of what used to be the Iberville housing complex. The Treme/Basin St. area is ready for a renaissance, and Backatown wants to be part of it. Enjoy espresso coffee drinks as well as soup, paninis, and house-made sweet potato pie (a family recipe of the owner).

Enjoy espresso coffee drinks as well as soup, paninis, and house-made sweet potato pie
— Eater Staff

Eat NOLA Noir: Celebrating February through local cuisine

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Walking into Backatown Coffee Parlour while DJ Chinua is spinning Caribbean Funk vibes could make you feel a little guilty because you’re out on a weeknight, but when it’s carnival season, the word “guilt” is never mentioned. There’s more of a crowd than there would be on a typical weekday, and that’s all due to a pop-up event hosted by Eat NOLA Noir.

uptown messenger Backatown Coffee Parlour
— Kerri Ebanks